The Swim Gymm®

The Swim Gymm® is the ultimate solution for aquatic fitness or therapy! It is ideal for all age groups and levels of ability. The Swim Gymm® is perfect for the fit athlete who is looking for an incredible aquatic cross-training workout or the novice swimmer who would like to improve their stroke. For others who are looking for aquatic therapy, the Swim Gymm® provides a safer, low impact workout on the joints, hips, knees and back. It is available with a number of accessories to enhance your workout. You can add an 110v heater to offer you year around fitness and swimming and a cover to help you to retain your pool’s temperature.  Our Aquasizer Underwater Treadmill will help you walk or run your way into shape with less impact on your knees and joints. You control the pace making it just right for you!And don’t forget to light your pool with a pool light for evening workouts.

Aquatic Therapy

• Aquatic exercise targets the shoulders, back, legs, arms, hips, core and gluteals without requiring expensive, space-consuming workout equipment

• Enjoy dozens of resistance, buoyancy and flotation weight exercises

• Improves core balance, posture, flexibility and coordination

• Safely workout by reducing stress on your joints, back and hips due to the effects of buoyancy.


Aquatic Fitness

• Excellent low impact cardiovascular exercise that is easy on the joints.

• Engages a variety of muscle groups making it a great full body workout.

• Aquatic exercise is 12 times more resistant than exercise on land. This allows a harder workout that can help burn more calories in less time.

• Less strain on knees, hips and backs when exercise is performed in water.